Monday, June 16, 2014

Google Adsense Earnings Tab in Blogger Dashboard Stuck on Disapproved Blog URL

If you have a few Blogger urls and you have applied for Google Adsense through the Blogger dashboard "Earnings" tab, you may have chosen a blog URL that has been disapproved due to low traffic or less info in blog posts. It will be stuck in an endless loop of disapproval status for that blog's URL until that blog gets approved by some magic.

To change that disapproved URL to your more active blog URL, here is a solution:

  1. Make a new Gmail account. Let's call it (B).
  2. In your main Blogger dashboard (A) go to "Settings" and add the new Gmail (B) as an Admin of your main active blog.
  3. In your new Gmail account (B), accept the Admin invite.
  4. In your main Blogger dashboard (A), go to the "Settings" tab and change the authorship of (B) from 'Author' to 'Admin'.
  5. In your new Blogger dashboard (B), click the "Earnings" tab and choose "Switch Adsense account".
  6. In your new Blogger dashboard's "Earnings" tab (B), signup for Google Adsense for your most active URL.
  7. Await approval, good luck!