Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mortal Kombat's Ed Boon AMA from 1996 on IRC

I found this AMA by Ed Boon from the 90's.


Session Start: Mon Aug 12 19:54:56 1996
* Logging #mk3 to: [#mk3.log]
[morden] i was content with mk2
[Digital-C] Cage rocked everyone in MK1 and MK2!!!
[morden] add the push combo's and the playable hidden characters
[RevKano81] nah, the only thing wrong with MK is that it got too outta hand.. 
friendships, animalities, babalities
[morden] BEWM
[morden] naa
[RevKano81] it got to unrealistic
[morden] added to it
[Digital-C] Stick with the Fatals
[RevKano81] babalities were lame!
[morden] i never played for realism =-]
[explosive] do you know the release date of MK4? I have heard rumors its October 
34 1996
*** Z_MaN sets mode: +m 
*** Joins: |Saturn| (
[explosive] i mean October 24
[Z_MaN] heh...oops..should;t do that
*** Joins: larf (
*** Z_MaN sets mode: -m 
*** glue sets mode: +v EdBoon 
[|Saturn|] sure its ed boon
*** Joins: N64RULES (
[EdBoon] How long has this page been on?
*** glue sets mode: +m 
*** Joins: Gotfire (
[Z_MaN] page?
*** Parts: Gotfire (
*** Z_MaN sets mode: -m 
[REPTlLE] ED I think you should keep animalities but change them in away so they 
look real. like Liu Kangs dragon looks like it was in mk2 
*** Joins: TealShark (
[Maximus] Trying
[Maximus] Attempting to finger
[Maximus] -
[Maximus] Edward Boon (edboon) is not signed on the MCSNet cluster
[Maximus] Mailbox last written at Mon Aug 12 18:21:52 1996
[Maximus] -
*** Joins: SirMagus (
[Maximus] End of finger session
*** Maximus was kicked by glue (% A %) (out)
[Digital-C] FAKER!
*** Joins: gudoJOE (
*** Joins: Maximus (
*** Joins: Galaphine (
[RevKano81] no no no
*** Joins: Fatality (
[Maximus] whoops sorry
[scorpi0n] maximus you moron he's on his ppp
[morden] calm down now
[RevKano81] it doesn't say you're logged in when he's on mIRC
[N64RULES] EdBoon: are you THE man? =)
[Digital-C] ED ED ED!
[gudoJOE] ed boon ain't here?
[Maximus] oh, sorry
[EdBoon] Maximus, y are u trying the "finger" command on me?
*** Parts: gudoJOE (
[scorpi0n] :P
[RevKano81] hahhaah
[RevKano81] Ed has a sense of humor!
[Maximus] Ed:Sorry just checkin sumthing
[larf] who is ed boon?
[explosive] Edboon: Are there going to be Brutalites in MK4?
[morden] narf
[EdBoon] how does "finger" work?
* Galaphine wonders if Mr. Boon has heard any of Galaphine's "fake MK WAV's"
[Fatality] sup all
[FuKfWaNkY] get a life larf
[morden] it gets persnoal info on you from your ISP
*** glue sets mode: +m 
[TuuK] is the address real maximus?
*** Z_MaN sets mode: -m 
[|Saturn|] [III_Demon] tell him MK blows and he should come up with something 
[glue] cs leave it
[Digital-C] Blah
[Maximus] yes
[EdBoon] Hey guys, how about turning the tables and letting me ask u all questions.
[RevKano81] would all you losers shut up and let the man talk
[Digital-C] Let's flood III_Demon
*** glue sets mode: +m 
[explosive] ed: sure
[Z_MaN] ask away
*** Joins: EdenGuy (
[EdBoon] whats the "fake wavs" thing ?
[TuuK] 'k ed
*** Z_MaN sets mode: +v RevKano81 
[RevKano81] talk to Galaphine bout that
[Z_MaN] settle down ppl
*** TuuK sets mode: +v Galaphine 
[TuuK] tell him gala 
[Z_MaN]  settle down 
[EdBoon] is there a web page with them or something ?
[glue] if you all wouldn't bury him with questions we wouldn't need +m...let the man 
*** Parts: EdenGuy (
-] *edboon* come to #agmk also. the offical channel!
[Galaphine] yes, lemme get the URL
*** Z_MaN sets mode: +o hi_octane 
*** Joins: DaSkin (phdsys@sodium.Mlink.NET)
[Galaphine] Killer Vail Fighting Domain's MK INFO CENTER has a fake-soundfile 
[Galaphine] (got to find the URL)
[EdBoon] what are all these things with windows poping up from other users
[RevKano81] : EdBoon : those are msg's
[RevKano81] private msg's from the person to you... only you and them see those
*** Parts: DaSkin (phdsys@sodium.Mlink.NET)
[RevKano81] type /msg [person's_nick_here] and then your msg here
[Z_MaN] ok look ppl, please don't flood the # if we remove the +m
*** Joins: Dysolv (
[TuuK] if u do flood we'll put it back
*** Z_MaN sets mode: -m 
*** Parts: FuKfWaNkY (
*** Joins: FuKfWaNkY (
[EdBoon] where is Killer Vail?
-] *edboon* this is a private message! You probally won't reply. But if you do say hi to 
me. just talk away
[Z_MaN] now take it easy ppl
*** Parts: Dysolv (
[Maximus] Ed:
[Galaphine] yes
[RevKano81] ok ok
[glue] great
[glue] shut up
[Galaphine] but i'm trying to get the directory
[TuuK] or rox n stuff
*** Joins: ][CEmastr (
[EdBoon] Please, everyone stop sendning them, its screwing me up
[|Saturn|] Ed:If you really are him, will MK4 actually be something besides blood and 
gore, with some actual fun and skill into like VF2
[FuKfWaNkY] guys we should stop sending so many msgs 
[RevKano81] man shut up blood and gore is what we want
[][CEmastr] VF2 is a kids game
[RevKano81] stop messaging EdBoon please
[explosive] ED: no we need BLOOD N GORE that's what made MK1
[|Saturn|] Rev:Yeah, but
[|Saturn|] Rev:Something besides that
*** blake has left IRC
[FuKfWaNkY] Blood and gore is what made mk 
*** Quits: |Meek0| (Leaving)
[Maximus] Ed: Type /ignore *!*@* then go to File, Opitions, Control, Ignore, and take 
off the channel part on it
*** Joins: Beavis97 (Beavis97@pool052.Max1.New-Orleans.LA.DYNIP.ALTER.NET)
[][CEmastr] The WILL b blood and gore ALONG with 3D features and gameplay, 
[|Saturn|] MK Sucks anyway
[Digital-C] Whatch some lamer try to flood Ed
*** |Saturn| was kicked by glue (% A %) (fuck off)
[RevKano81] on everyone kept nuking Reverend Manson
*** Joins: |Saturn| (
[Galaphine] got's
[][CEmastr] Saturn : then get the hell outta here
*** glue sets mode: +b *!*D4@* 
*** |Saturn| was kicked by glue (% A %) (bye)
[][CEmastr] heh
[][CEmastr] k
*** Parts: morden (
[Galaphine] the one that's, I made that one
[][CEmastr] ban him
* Z_MaN is away  - distracted - staring at the ceiling -  messages will be saved.
[Fatality] yup
[RevKano81] : EdBoon : what kinda music you like anyways?
[Galaphine] (and I've got a couple others...
*** Joins: Lagi (mmarkman@
[Galaphine] Ed:  I basically took Shao Kahn's voice and cut-and-pasted parts to 
make him say...well...some neat things :)
[Maximus] All ed has to do is that ignore command like i told him
[][CEmastr] Ed : What hardware do u plan to use for MK4 if you're not using 
[EdBoon] Sting, Tracy Chapman, Prince, ...
[RevKano81] Gala made one for me that had Shao Kahn saying Kano Eighty One
*** Joins: [JoRD] (kowrek@
[Digital-C] Hahah, don't let Ed here Skum.wav
[[JoRD]] geez
[[JoRD]] weird.
[EdBoon] what is Skum.wav?
[Galaphine] Digital:  heheheh, i *want* him to hear it :0
[explosive] its a fake sound file
[RevKano81] it's Gala's sick mind in action
[[JoRD]] tonyd: why don't you op him?
[[JoRD]] :)
*** [JoRD] is now known as Ko-WrEk
[Galaphine] Ed:  It's a cut-and-paste with S. Kahn and some 
interesting things
[larf] who is ed boon?
[hi_octane] heheh
[EdBoon] email it 2 me!
[Digital-C] hahahahaaha
[Ko-WrEk] you guys are psycho about this mk stuff.. :)
[RevKano81] haha interesting
[Digital-C] Oh Oh, Ahhhh!!
[Galaphine] Kano:  :)
[RevKano81] : EdBoon : don't let any women or children hear it
[TuuK] so, got any juicy info 'bout MKT? *8)
[Galaphine] Dig:  heheheheheh, shhhh.don't give it away :)
[Lagi] ed boon= mk programmer...blah guy..blah actually pays attention to us 
gamers..blH  blah
*** Joins: mufasa_ (
*** edenguy has left IRC
*** Joins: Tobias (
[][CEmastr]   Ed : Can u answer any MK4-related questions today?  If not, I won't ask 
ne more...
*** Joins: Vatican (
*** REPTlLE is now known as JohnTobai
[Tobias] Hey everyone.
[RevKano81] lamers
*** Parts: Ko-WrEk (kowrek@
[hi_octane] heh I remember skum.wav
[EdBoon] NOT the real Tobias.
[RevKano81] wanna be like Tobias
*** JohnTobai is now known as REPTlLE
[Fatality] heh
[Galaphine] oboy, here we go with the fake names
[][CEmastr] k
* Galaphine bows to hi_octane :)
*** glue sets mode: +m 
*** Parts: Tobias (
[hi_octane] I think it wuz shaokahn and sonya gettin it on
[RevKano81] : EdBoon : will any of the other MK crew come on IRC? We've had a 
guy from War Gods team come on
[Galaphine] Ed:  what is your email address?
*** Joins: Brimstone (
[EdBoon] Dont think so, who from WG Joe or George
*** Joins: gudoJOE (
[RevKano81] it was Alex
*** Joins: EdenGuy (
[RevKano81] a tester
[Galaphine] okie (I knew that... :)
[EdBoon] Oh him!
[RevKano81] Joe talks to a friend of mine named Patrick McCarron
*** Joins: masamune (page@
*** TuuK sets mode: +v explosive 
[glue] ed can you bring back an equivalent of Test Your Might from mk1?
*** Joins: Gotfire (
[RevKano81] hey now that's a good idea
*** Joins: cyrax (
[TuuK] woo test your might...the ultimate button masher
[EdBoon] Do u think MK4 should have test your might ?
[glue] those were fun...entertaining
[RevKano81] yes Ed.. please!
[RevKano81] or another one
[explosive] yeah that would be kewl...make it better though
[glue] some new sort of one...that takes more skill than the original one
*** Joins: _DSM (phdsys@sodium.Mlink.NET)
[RevKano81] yes but nothing like those lame SF ones
[RevKano81] WOO let's bust up a car!
*** TuuK sets mode: +v scorpi0n 
[explosive] i hate SF
[glue] like see how many heads you can bust open or something
[scorpi0n] heh
*** Joins: [PePPeR] (
[RevKano81] hey? can YOU destroy bricks? i know i sure as hell can
*** Ez_xS sets mode: +b *!*@* 
[explosive] BLOOD N GORE
*** [PePPeR] was kicked by Ez_xS (banned: U couldn't hack a wet paper saq)
[RevKano81] hahahaha
[scorpi0n] it was awesome getting a big streak against people to get to try and bust 
diamond =)
[RevKano81] i hear ya scorp
[explosive] Edboon: is mkt going to have any new characters?
[glue] or how many lamers running around talking about nudealities that you can 
beat up
[RevKano81] haha
*** Joins: Ermac (
[EdBoon] Just Noob, Rain, and the hidden one!
*** Parts: gudoJOE (
[RevKano81] : glue : just refer to them as 10 year old kids 
[explosive] EDboon: thanks
[Galaphine] Ed:  I'm emailing it right now; it's about a 210k email download
[TuuK] is the hidden one named kameleon?
[EdBoon] Yea
[RevKano81] : EdBoon : what ever happened to Brutalities? i know you mentioned 
them on AOL one time (i think) and after that nothing was ever seen of them
[EdBoon] Where r u all calling from ?
[RevKano81] Kansas
[RevKano81] awwww yeah
[TuuK] Michigan here
[explosive] MA
[explosive] here
[hi_octane] Idaho
[RevKano81] we have a few people that come on here that are from Chicago
[explosive] ED BOON:so when is wavenet comin out in all arcades (major ones)? Is 
there going to be a wavenet for MK4?
*** Quits: Brimstone (Leaving)
[RevKano81] Ed you like any industrial music? cause you could do wonders with 
that type of music in MK4 :)
*** thunderx is on IRC
[EdBoon] Mk4 wavenet, dont think so.
*** Parts: ][CEmastr (
*** Joins: ][CEmastr (
*** Quits: Galaphine (Connection reset by peer)
*** glue sets mode: +v SirMagus 
*** Joins: ThunderX (
*** Parts: ][CEmastr (
*** Joins: Co0KiEmAn (
*** Joins: |cEmAsTer (
[RevKano81] ahh yes 311
[TuuK] are you gonna bring back the head+spine pull in all of its glory? 
*** Joins: JeffD001 (
[explosive] Ed Boon:  Is there going to be a so called special character just for the 
Nintendo 64?
*** Joins: III_Demon (
[RevKano81] gotta throw up the volume for 311
[EdBoon] Not just for Nintendo
*** Joins: AlphaBlue (
*** glue sets mode: +v Co0KiEmAn 
[explosive] ok kewl
[explosive] thanks
[TuuK] doesn't nintendo require you have an exclusive feature tho?
[EdBoon] No.
[RevKano81] : TuuK : that's where Aggressor mode comes in
*** Joins: Galaphine (
*** Co0KiEmAn is now known as HI_Ed
[EdBoon] They WANTED one, they dont REQUIRE one
*** HI_Ed is now known as Co0KiEmAn
[TuuK] oh i c
[glue] hahah
[RevKano81] : Co0KiEmAn : you have voice
*** Quits: scorpi0n ( LinuxIRC : It really r0x0rs)
[RevKano81] someone +v Galaphine please
*** Digital-C is now known as YOU_RULE
*** YOU_RULE is now known as ED
*** TuuK sets mode: +v Galaphine 
*** Joins: scorpi0n (
*** ED is now known as Digital-C
*** TuuK sets mode: +v scorpi0n 
[SirMagus] Ed: What are you doing with MKtrilogy??
*** Joins: gudoJOE (
[Galaphine] t'anx TuuK
[TuuK] np
*** Joins: Sat_ID4 (
*** Quits: Maximus (Excess Flood)
[Galaphine] Ed:  bad ISP's mail server is choking on the big email :(
[EdBoon] What are we doing ?
[Galaphine] Ed:  can you accept DCC sends?
*** Joins: Maximus (
[EdBoon] there a WEB page?
[explosive] ed: yes
[explosive] edboon:
[Galaphine] Ed:  You can download it from
*** TuuK sets mode: -v Co0KiEmAn 
[Galaphine] it's a zipped file
*** TuuK sets mode: +v Co0KiEmAn 
[Galaphine] (and ignore my 2 attempted emails, they failed)
[Co0KiEmAn] Ed: is the mkt release for the pc expected to be in svga?
[RevKano81] dude it pretty much HAS to be SVGA =)
[Co0KiEmAn] heh
[Co0KiEmAn] well put
*** TuuK sets mode: +v Maximus 
[Maximus] Thanks
[Galaphine] heheh, it's difficult to get that much hires with THAT much actin
[Galaphine] action
*** Joins: keeba (
[Co0KiEmAn] I know, now i do
*** TuuK sets mode: +v |cEmAsTer 
[Co0KiEmAn] heh
*** Joins: FKrueger (
[|cEmAsTer] Ed : r Brutalities being considered for MK4?
[Co0KiEmAn] Ed: would you like to see a sample of a 3d model of scorpion I made?
[Co0KiEmAn] say yes =0]
[Maximus] edboon: Have you considred making one of Rain's Fatality being an Acid 
Rain Fall? He drops Acid Rain on opponent it melts there skin comes down with 
blood and stuff and leaves just the skeleton standing
[explosive] Ed: do you have an exact release date for MKT?
[Galaphine] nice one, Maximus
[RevKano81] jesus one question at a time =)
[Galaphine] haahaha
[RevKano81] the man can't type 300 wpm
[|cEmAsTer] :)
[Maximus] hehe, Gala I got hella other ideas for fatalities
[EdBoon] Sept 30...I think
*** Parts: Vatican (
[scorpi0n] heh
* TuuK thinks ed is either bein flooded or is off at the fake sounds page
*** Quits: Fatality (Ping timeout)
*** Quits: keeba (This is not my time brother, it is cold in heaven and I am not 
sprouting wings)
[Maximus] edboon: Would you like to hear more fatal ideas I am making?
[RevKano81] hehe pull a Chaos from Primal Rage
[RevKano81] piss on em!
[RevKano81] hahaha
[RevKano81] nah not original
*** Joins: ^ToRcH^ (
[Co0KiEmAn] Ed: I have a web page...ewe care to see it?
[Galaphine] heheheheheh, Golden Shower :)
[explosive] he is at the page i think
[RevKano81] and would piss the parents off
[Galaphine] no need to be so crude, Kano...
[|cEmAsTer]  Ed : How far in production is MK4 so far -- storyline? Characters?
[Galaphine] hahahah, funny pun Kano :)
[Co0KiEmAn] heh, don't mess with me macboy *8)
[SirMagus] Ed: You should make combo breakers in MK4...
[glue] enuff scroll people
[Co0KiEmAn]  [===feel free to stop by
[scorpi0n] heh scroll
[RevKano81] "hey johnny, get away from that disgusting game! i think i just saw that 
man piss on a woman"
*** Joins: drub0y (drew@
[Galaphine] LOL!
*** Joins: keeba (
[Co0KiEmAn] heh
*** TuuK sets mode: +v drub0y 
[RevKano81] ok enough of my babbling
[drub0y] hahah
[drub0y] wtf?
[Co0KiEmAn] I have a p133 with 32 megs of ram, should do well
[RevKano81] i'll just sit here 
*** Quits: Ermac (Connection reset by peer)
*** Joins: spotz (
*** Joins: ]noah[ (~noah@
[EdBoon] pissalities? hmmm....
[RevKano81] hell #mk3 is bouncin tonight
*** Parts: spotz (
[hi_octane] hey Ed, got any good warez lately?
*** keeba is now known as Ermac
[Co0KiEmAn] explosive: sometime in september
[RevKano81] : EdBoon : i was kiddin by the way :)
[Galaphine] This is the most exciting I've seen it yet
[Galaphine] cute octane
[explosive] Ed: so what is up with Jonny Cage?
[Co0KiEmAn] hehe
[Co0KiEmAn] poor ed =0]
*** Joins: [JoRD] (kowrek@
[RevKano81] hahaha
*** Parts: ]noah[ (~noah@
[explosive] i think he is having fun at the web page
[Galaphine] YES, what IS up w/ Cage?~!
[RevKano81] Cage is back bro
*** Quits: TuuK (Changing servers)
[EdBoon] Cage is in Trilogy and will MOST likely be in MK4
[Co0KiEmAn] heh, no
*** Joins: nazz (
[Galaphine] (tho not Pesina)
[Co0KiEmAn] lew
[explosive] ed: thanks
[Galaphine] (I bet)
[|cEmAsTer] Played by Pesina?
[Maximus] How abotu Noob Saibot summons the opponents own shadow against 
hims and enters his body causing him to blow up, that one could be worked on 
[RevKano81] Pesina blows eh?


[TuuK] wew mad channel pong
[Maximus] edboon: How about Johnny Cage Fatality being he does the friendship by 
signing it witha pen then shoves the pen in your head and it explodeds causing the 
head to get blown up
*** Quits: explosive (Connection reset by peer)
[RevKano81] quit promoting fucking pages please
[Galaphine] Ed's not a WG creator
[Co0KiEmAn] Cage was a fag, never did like him =0]
[Maximus] like doing his signature move
*** xplosive is now known as explosive
[Co0KiEmAn] Ed: will mk4 resemble the animated series in any way?
[Galaphine] Cookie:  Cage....or Pesina?
*** Lagi_away is now known as Lagi
*** glue sets mode: -v |cEmAsTer 
[EdBoon] no
* Co0KiEmAn hands EdBoon a nice big moist and fluffy cookie!
*** Joins: gudoJOE (
[drub0y] hrm
*** TuuK sets mode: +v scorpi0n 
[Co0KiEmAn] hehe
[drub0y] and we wonder why he doesn't show up here more often
[RevKano81] if you don't have anything good to say, don't say shit.. member what 
mommy told ewe?
[Co0KiEmAn] Rev: Ed's a god, your almost there 
[Co0KiEmAn] heh
[scorpi0n] hehe dru
-] -Edboon- do this: /join #agmk
*** Joins: rackboy (
*** Joins: Silver (
*** Parts: cyrax (
[Galaphine] good, Kano
*** Joins: spinsane (
*** Joins: Mad_Coder (
*** Joins: PlutoNBMB (
*** Joins: U-RNoT{E} (
*** Joins: Agamemnon (
[Co0KiEmAn] ehh maybe
[Galaphine] wow, lots of ppl coming in right now
*** Parts: Digital-C (
*** Parts: spinsane (
[Galaphine] oh BOY
[RevKano81] ask good quality questions please.. no nudality shit, no more Cage shit 
(it's already been answered)
*** Joins: Digital-C (
*** Joins: [^DaZeD^] (
*** Parts: Agamemnon (
[hi_octane] heh
[hi_octane] I told #oldwarez :)
*** TuuK changes topic to "new #mk3 record...50 users"
[RevKano81] haha
*** glue sets mode: +o rackboy 
[Galaphine] let's see....
[hi_octane] rackboy!
[RevKano81] bring in AOL_MAN
[EdBoon] got a phone call. c u all later !!!
[RevKano81] =)
[Co0KiEmAn] Cage
[RevKano81] come in again Ed
[hi_octane] hehe aol man wif edboon
[glue] doh
[Maximus] edboon: raiden fatality morphs into a bolt of lighting and zips right into the 
body cause a whole and then his guts and all plop out
[Co0KiEmAn] Scorpion is the best character ever created IMHO
[TuuK] dude eds like WAY lagged
[hi_octane] aol man has a question I think
[Galaphine] Okie; thanks for stoppin' by
[hi_octane] bring hiom on
[RevKano81] thanks Ed
[TuuK] l8r ed, feel free to visit again
[RevKano81] feel VERY free
*** Joins: Dodee (
[glue] thank you ed drive thru
[RevKano81] hahaha
*** Parts: U-RNoT{E} (
[Galaphine] that's PLEASE drive thru :)
[Co0KiEmAn] hmm
*** Parts: Mad_Coder (
*** Quits: EdBoon (Dead Socket)
Session End.

Session Start: Wed Aug 14 23:25:29 1996
*** Now talking in #mk3
[glue] very nice though
[MG_] sup grees
[Ed_Boon] MK4 will have atleast a dozen new chars with a REAL 3d effect
[glue] ya i figured that out :P
*** Quits: wiener (Connection reset by peer)
[glue] very nice though
[MG_] hehe
[noob] privmsg #mk3 
[noob] wew[
[MG_] he's chris
*** Ez_xS sets mode: +b *!*@206.63.146.* 
[Toki] good to know thta your first name idnt richard and that you are not asian  
*** Joins: TonyD (
[MG_] sup D
[Co0KiEmAn] heh
[RaidenX] Ed, if you could tell us what some of the chracters are that are making a 
return from UMK3
[Toki] who have been a rough childhood
[Co0KiEmAn] it's newb?
[Co0KiEmAn] or not =0|
[MG_] prolly is
[Toki] hello tonyd
[Co0KiEmAn] yup
[MG_] hey D
[Co0KiEmAn] heh
[sidx] teh real address fer edboon is
*** Joins: Robotech (
[Co0KiEmAn] danke
[Robotech] danke?
[explosive] Ed: how do you like IRC?
[Ed_Boon] Everyone except for jade will return
[glue] Ds nutz
[MG_] did you get Tet's note?
[RaidenX] okay cool
[Co0KiEmAn] glue: whut
[glue] what up ed
[MG_] hehe
[Ed_Boon] Its nice though quite slow, i like AOL better
[rackboy] I shoot with an Ernie Martinez (custom cue)
[explosive] ed: don't say that
[MASTERNiC] wtf/]
[MG_] arg
[explosive] hehehe
[glue] oh mug gawsh
[MG_] not a good thing to say
[MG_] hehe
[RaidenX] I have been wondering...could you tell us if Johnny Cage will be in MK4 or 
[MG_] comin straight from da Boon-dox
[MG_] hehe
[Ed_Boon] ok, IRC is the best since sliced bread!
[Toki] rack: what did it thro you back?
[TonyD] it's noob
*** glue sets mode: +o TonyD 
[explosive] ed: that's better
[explosive] :)
[TonyD] hey, toki
[TonyD] long time
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[Ed_Boon] Johnny Cage WILL return in MK4 but not MKT because of time limits
[Toki] *hi five*  (cheezey)
[Toki] tony
[rackboy] sid: did Spudz leave yet?
[MG_] welp
[RaidenX] ohh okay
[MG_] there is the first slip up
[Toki] it has been a while
*** glue changes topic to "[Ed_Boon] Johnny Cage WILL return in MK4 but not MKT 
because of time limits"
[glue] hell ya
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* TonyD is very lagged
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[Maximus] Ed_Boon is * blah
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[explosive] ed: when do you think MKT will becoming out for the PC?
[Maximus] Ed_Boon on #mk3 
[Maximus] Ed_Boon using [] Dart In Your Leg 
[Maximus] Ed_Boon End of /WHOIS list.
[Maximus] -
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[Maximus] the blah could means it's drub0y =)
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[MASTERNiC] Damn d , i worship yer feet, yewe tewk what i have been trying to 
take all the time i been on irc
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[Ed_Boon] any other qwestions?
[Maximus] actually it does mean that
[Toki] rack: what did the stick cost
[Greesman] ez op
[Ed_Boon] Im sorry but im unable to answer that... 
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*** sets mode: +oo sidx rackboy 
*** Pini0n sets mode: -o sidx 
[RaidenX] Ed if you could please tell us a little more on Kameleon, what i have heard 
is he/she is a hidden character in MKT, could you please expand on that?
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[Ed_Boon] whats all this +o -o?
[MG_] hehe
[MG_] haha
[explosive] that means operator status
[Toki] :)
[Toki] rack: what did the stick cost you?
[Ed_Boon] If you play and follow mk enough u know we are tight on secrets
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[TonyD] ed: u sucked any dick lately, bab?
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[MG_] hehe
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[explosive] nomeelak = kameleon scrambled right ed?
[Greesman] op
[ThunderX] why is edboon keep on droping by?
*** Pini0n sets mode: +o Greesman 
[ThunderX] :)
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[Ed_Boon] TonyD: thats why i like aol more... u cnt tall me that
*** Quits: Ed_Boon (Dead socket)
Session End.