Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Steam User Wins Every Game in Valve's Gift Grab 2011

Update: The Steam user who won the grand prize is actually 'psychomantis' aka 'cool frog'. This is the list of games that was won. Read more

b3ntAlthough not much of a gamer, congratulations goes out to Steam user iminrightnow (b3nt) for winning the grand prize in Valve's Gift Grab 2011.
The grand prize gave him every game that's available for purchase from the Steam store for free!
He also gets the much-anticipated multi-player Counter-Strike: Global Offense Beta (CS:GO).
Better him than any of the holiday trolls.
Don't pull a rage-quit yet, check b3nt's epic list of games.

Via [Steampowered Forums] Steam, I give you your winner!