Thursday, December 29, 2011

Google+ Ripples Shows Viral Stats of Public Posts

Ripples is a Google+ feature that maps out an interactive graphic of any public Google+ post that has been publicly shared and commented on. You can access the Ripples of any public post from its drop-down arrow (top-right), then click 'View Ripples'.


When you publicly share someones public post, you are added to the original post's Ripples. When your friends publicly share your share, they are also add to the original post's Ripples.


Comments on your public posts are found on the right of the Ripples page and sorted from oldest to newest. Hovering over any circle in the ripple will also show you a comment(when available).

Animated Timeline

At the bottom of the Ripples graphic, there is a timeline that can be played to show the interactions as they happened since the post was created.

More Statistics

You will find info about the top influencers, the longest and average length of a share chain, the rate of shares per hour and then lastly the most shares in a certain language.

View an Example

Here's a great post with amazing Ripples by Gabriele Vasile