Monday, October 17, 2011

Digg Newsrooms Awards Cheat Sheet

Digg Newsrooms are a hit and so are the Awards. Here is a list of the awards that I've seen and unlocked on the site so far.

Join the Digg Technology, Gaming and any other Digg newsroom that interests you to start working your way up the leaderboards.






Run, spot, run 10th Story Read +1
Chapter Books 50th Story Read +5
Well read 100th Story Read +10
Encyclopedia Brown 1000th Story Read +20
Wikipedia's got nothing on me 2500th Story Read +50


I can Digg it! 10th Digg +1
Really Digging it! 50th Digg +5
Actively Digging it! 100th Digg +10
Can't stop me from Digging it! 1000th Digg +20
Digging Like I'm Using Heavy Equipment 2500th Digg +30


Thumb's Down 10th Bury +1
Two Thumbs Down 50th Bury +10
Neighsayer 100th Bury +20
Whack-a-mole Expert 1000th Bury +30


I've got something to say 3rd Comment +1
I've got a lot to say 10th Comment +15
I'mma let you finish 25th Comment +30
Listen Up 100th Comment +45
Chatty Cathy 500th Comment +90
Riding the fine line between wit and spam 1000th Comment +150

Replies to Your Comments

Re: 1st Reply +5
Re:Re: 3rd Reply +15
We need to talk 10th Reply +30
It's getting hot in here! 25th Reply +45
Do we need to step outside? 100th Reply +90
This is not a chat room 500th Reply +150

Promotions in Newsroom

Ace Reporter 1st Promotion +5
Two-timer 3rd Promotion +20
Newscaster 10th Promotion +50
Trendsetter 25th Promotion +100
Prognosticator 100th Promotion +200
Oracle 500th Promotion +350
Cewebrity 1000th Promotion +500

Hot Posts aka Frontpage

I've made it! 1st Top News Promotion +10
It's not a fluke 3rd Top News Promotion +30
Top Newscaster 10th Top News Promotion +75
Top Trendsetter 25th Top News Promotion +150

More are being added to this list as they are achieved by users on Digg. Many thanks to Novenator for contributions to this post!