Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simplify Google Chrome Bookmarks to Favicons

The Google Chrome browser has always leaned towards minimalism and I too did not want to clutter my bookmarks toolbar. Here is a simple solution to a clutter-free bookmarks bar in Google Chrome.

Drag and drop a link to the bookmarks bar and you will notice that it takes up a few pixels of the bookmarks bar with the title text. What I do is have my bookmarks displayed strictly as their favicons, without the title text, because most of the sites that I visit frequently, usually have a distinct icon to represent it.

Try it out by editing a bookmark and removing it's title... and you're done! This increases the amount of visible bookmarks by sacrificing the text.

Easily Access Chrome-specific Pages

Instead of keyboard short-cuts, you can also add bookmarks for chrome-specific pages like the Downloads, History, Extensions and Bookmarkspages.

Drag any of these links to bookmarks bar:


There are probably more functions you can do with the bookmarks bar than just store bookmarks.

What else can be done with the bookmarks bar?