Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Facebook Status of United States Facebook Users

Facebook users in the United States have alot of information to share but how do we know how many people in the US are on Facebook and are married, single or stay in New York?

These figures are estimates as per publicly declared Facebook profile information. This means that it is not accurate and there are incomplete or private profiles that will not be counted. Also taking into account that people change their preferences everyday due to privacy and real-life issues.

So here are those estimates which are rounded off to the nearest 5000 users.

Facebook has an estimated: 97,560,080 people who live in the United States.

Age Groups

  • XX-18 13,165,000
  • 19-25 23,715,000
  • 26-30 12,940,000
  • 31-35 10,110,000
  • 36-40 9,205,000
  • 41-50 13,640,000
  • 51-60 8,465,000
  • 61-XX 4,885,000


  • 7,575,000 people are in high school
  • 3,520,000 people are in college
  • 31,760,000 people who graduated from college

Preferences / Orientations

  • 15,355,000 interested in men
  • 17,155,000 interested in women
  • 405,000 males interested in men
  • 15,605,000 males interested in women
  • 14,740,000 females interested in men
  • 1,500,000 females interested in women

Relationship Status

  • 21,350,000 are single
  • 12,395,000 are in a relationship
  • 2,145,000 are engaged
  • 26,650,000 are married
Facebook uses this information so that Facebook advertisers can target their specific market or audiences. There can also be a wider variety of methods based on keywords and geographic locations, eg.
  • 2,785,000 people live in New York, NY

Although many people use Facebook as a social platform, advertisers can get access to and use the social information provided by users, to target them as potential customers. This means you get to see adverts that are more likely about you, your friends and all the information you both share publicly.

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