Monday, April 20, 2009

Google S2 Favicon Converter & Javascript Generator

Links are getting shorter, information smaller and here's another smaller blogroll avatar... the favicon. Google has an online PNG converter for favicon.ico files in the root directory of a domain.

I found some cool Google S2 favicon extractors, a script for Wordpress and a bookmarklet on Reddit for grabbing the favicon off of the compatible site you're on. A typical example of the Google S2 favicons usage is for displaying icons next to certain links just like these...

Here is a realtime script to help get the favicon link. Simply type in a domain and hit enter. The favicon preview is generated which you can right-click or drag 'n drop to save image. Optionally, an HTML img tag is generated for easy copy & paste.

Enter Domain:

Image Preview

Right-Click & Save image or Drag & Drop image

HTML code for favicon image

Some domains show up as a default globe icon because those sites have not set it up accordingly. Try adding a favicon to your blog eg.