Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bloggers Need To Bookmark And Submit Each Other's Posts For Traffic!

Hey there Click-Alot Mob! Looks like it is time to get some of you up to speed with some traffic tactics. As DBS pointed out, there are extra methods to spread your blogs like wildfire. Content is key, readership thus follows and then hopefully mutual friends, like all those who read my posts. As long as your content is true to your friends' wants and needs, there will be interaction and possibly requests. Enough with the formalities -- that you should already know -- and onto the real stuff!
  • Always read the help available.
  • Follow the network's top users to learn from their mistakes.
  • Try to add substance to your existence all over the web.
  • Ask if unsure.
  • Make friends!
  • Tag your posts(URLS) correctly!
  • Make your own!
Make sure you have already signed in to these accounts, if any at all. I use these services and many more! Search Engines / Services Yahoo MSN Google Directories Technorati Amatomu Community / Submissions / Voting Sites Muti - Be the first to ransack this baby! Digg StumbleUpon Reddit Mixx Tagging / Other / Faves Magnolia Diigo Simpy Furl FARK Newsvine Slashdot Facebook Friends are essential, even Facebook allows posting links, so why not use it even a little? Easy huh? No need to go into a panic now, just sign in to the ones you know and then send the blog-post(URL) through. As a good friend on Digg would say, "Good day Sir!" PS: BBL to bookmark and submit your posts! Subscribe to RSS Feeds by Email