Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Google Trends Explicit Flip-Text Keyword Hack

Here is something amazing! Flip-text has hit Google Trends with some explicit text that is not picked up by the censorship methods put into place. People are riding the keyword wave with unusual anarchist-like terms that defile, the very clean, Google Trends. Now this post is a clean search optimization using flip-text to bookmark my post with this hot keyword 'ǝɟıllɐʇıƃıpʎɯ'. I am really hoping for it to be turned into a trend so I am going to depend on social networks to promote this keyword method. For those who wish to test out the flip-text, you can check it out here. Digg, Stumble and bookmark across all networks and remember to tag this post with: 'ǝɟıllɐʇıƃıpʎɯ' I personally have no time to shout to the hundreds of friends I have accumulated but if each of my 100 friends took the initiative to share this cool trend with a least 100 of their friends, imagine what would happen? Many thanks to those who participate in this and future social-bookmarking initiatives that I have in mind. Now go and create a trend to totally own those keywords!
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