Monday, June 9, 2008

Plurking & Tweeting with Ping.FM

Watching the live feed from, I heard Leo Laporte mention Plurk. In the next few minutes, the Plurk site experienced sign-ups at a mass-rate. The Twitterati heard of this sensation called Plurk and hopped on over to see what the mention was worth. Boy, was I surprised at what this hype was about. Plurk is the new micro-blogging sensation that challenges Twitter, and with time, I hope to see Twitter integration. Even in its infancy of features, it boasts an encouraging conversation-style micro-blogging service with a strange, new addictive timeline. Responses often pile up if you don’t check the relevant notifications and keep track of your conversations. Conversations get added to the timeline as they happen. This means your Plurk from the first day you joined, if interesting enough, could last well over a year, and with different members. Karma is awarded for your friends’ and your activity on Plurk. You get a score that can unlock levels of goodies. Replying to plurks, adding or changing your avatar and general activity increases or decreases your karma. I haven’t noticed any pattern of cheating the system but I have managed to reach 24.30 in my 2 days on Plurk. Still not enough to get the dancing banana emoticon! ;) Now to ask around for the text-formatting markups. Anyone care to share their trivial knowledge? You can get stars for recruiting friends (contacts) from your Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts. These juicy stars come in three flavors: Silver, Gold and Red. You will have to recruit 10, 25 and 50 contacts respectively, to earn a better star. Inviting people also boosts karma. Here's my invite to you! Plurk from the comfort of your IM and receive replies and plurks from friends via the plurkbuddy! You can set this up inside your Plurk by clicking on the ‘My Account’ link and choosing the ‘Instant Messaging’ link.
Add the plurkbuddy contact to your IM and send a message saying "YES" to it. You will then be set for IM plurking. Thereafter, you will receive new plurks from people you follow, and you will get responses of your plurks IM'd to you via the plurkbuddy contact. Way cool! On to some extras to uberfy your plurking! You will need to have an account with the following services: ...full post here

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