Monday, June 9, 2008

Kwippy to Kill Twitter and Plurk?

A nanoblogging, web-app and IM service that claims to make social networking more personal. This service is quite different from the rest because it is meant for logging your status messages, from inside its own instant messenger, into a timeline. Nanoblogging or micro-blogging is the popular social media trend and Kwippy promises to pull out an IM that makes nanoblogging easier by storing all your personal status updates as kwips. This is no Facebook status-changing game but a more trustworthy type of social-networking service. It is a web-application, a nano/micro-blogger and an instant messenger AIO! People like to share their intimate details with close friends and family but most will definitely not use Twitter, Plurk or other publicly viewable streams to advertise their emotions or private discussions. They will however use it for brand, product and personal marketing purposes. Kwippy makes it easier to stay closer with the ones you want to and not the social lurkers or ‘gurus’ of their causes, who are bent on winning your ‘friendship’ for extra social-graph points. If you are going to make friends, it will be genuine and not a hit-n-run relationship as we see on other micro/nanoblogging services. No need for that kind of spam at Kwippy ;) Take it to a personal level with Kwippy and invite only your close friends and relatives to stay connected by enjoying the type of privacy that this service offers. Kwippy will store all your IM status messages on your ‘emotional’ timeline. This reminds me of how blogs are/were being used as personal diaries and web logs. Blogs have now become a public affair and some people do not want to maintain a blog or to write for the entire public. Kwip it! Kwippy has been worked on for some time and I was lucky enough to be granted acess to the beta, after finding Kwippy a few days ago. The guys at Kwippy are very kind and just love feedback, support and blog posts about Kwippy, from those who enjoy using social networks, so here is my take on it. When I logged on, I dashed to the dashboard and began setting my profile up. I added the Kwippy contact to my Gmail account (in Pidgin), verified the account and then uploaded my avatar. I went back to my main page and noticed a welcome message and an oddly familiar message as my first kwip. It was the status message that was currently set in my IM. You can kwip using your Google or Yahoo account for now, but I haven’t managed to get it working with Yahoo. It is similar to the way FriendFeed tracks status messages from GTalk. You can also kwip by sending a message to the ‘kwip-buddy’ on your IM. If Kwippy gives us a web-app/IM that shoots a broadcast off to other competing services like Twitter, Plurk and Facebook, it will surely be a hit as is Ping.FM. For now, I can only wait for the Kwippy IM to see the file sharing feature that is said to be in it. What I like about Kwippy
  • The replies are ordered neatly with dates/times, unlike Plurk which has no date/time-stamps on the replies.
  • I like the search function! Twitter offers the function but Plurk doesn’t have one. I would like to see the search ordered by location, and other imaginable categories.
  • What’s even better about Kwippy is that you are not limited to 140 characters… so it doesn’t just qualify as micro-blogging and that makes it more flexible.
  • My inbox seems to be catching up for me when I get replies on my Kwips. I am sure the IM, and web-app will take over that aspect fully but for now, we can unsubscribe from emails. There is a link at the end of each email notification if you need to do that.
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