Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scrobbling Your Life with Wakoopa

Read the full version here! Last.fm began the scrobbling revolution. You can listen in on what other’s listened to and know their all-time played tracks. Enter Wakoopa, which I haven’t “wakoopa-rated” from as yet. ;)
Wakoopa makes snooping around your friends profiles and PC's so much fun because you get to learn which apps are their most used, as well as which app is more served around the world or in your friend-circle. Currently, Microsoft has a lot of their apps as the world’s most-used. These include Explorer (Windows!), IE, Word, Visual Studio and numerous others that fall down the list. I think, MS needs its own Wakoopa to wikipediarize their software, instead of slapping on unpredictable layers with every new OS. Tech support from the users would benefit way more in future. One of the best features of Wakoopa is that you get a feed for the latest versions of your software. Very similar to the ancient CNET Update software that I used and loved... it checked my software and gave me direct links to the updates.Now I check Wakoopa and keep updated. Wakoopa enlightens the world about software that is unseen, unheard or unused by the uninformed. Here's some trivia that Wakoopa knows, cos Wakoopa knows software! Did you know communicating is the second biggest activity on the computer? Did you know people browse 7 times longer with Firefox than Internet Explorer? Did you know games are played the least on tuesday and the most on sunday? Did you know the average computer user has 54 pieces of software? Did you know women spend twice as much time in Photoshop than men? Now, let’s snoop at my profile and get some insight on what I use the different applications for. Some may be trivial, redundant or even just unworthy of being called software -- others run in the background. I've hidden my anti-virus' from the list, as I will test-drive them later on and also not to compromise my security setup to any malicious viewers. :) Click here for the full post. Subscribe to RSS Feeds by Email