Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Choose your Favorite - Win 500 Entrecard Credits

Whoever is first to choose the best post by number of hits it gets, will win 500 Entrecard credits. I won't reveal for now which post already has alot of hits! That's a surprise! Mozilla Firefox Shortcut Keys Resident Evil: Biohazard 4 How To Subscribe to Posts & Comments Muti This! (Pop-Up) Do You Know Your Rig? Curry is 1 of My Favourite Foods! Content + Relationships = Traffic + Earning Annotating the Anatomy of An Anime Your Spelling Sucks! (Part 1) Your Spelling Sucks! (Part 2) Your Spelling Sucks! (Part 3) The more hits I get on one post, the better your chance is :) I might also have second place prize available if you guessed the second best post! Will update tomorrow. Message me at Entrecard once you've nominated the post and have dropped your card. Only one entry please. Winners will be notified in exactly 2 days. 00:00 Friday (Central African Time). Hope you stumble and digg one of my posts as well! :)