Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Afrigator uses OpenID! What is OpenID?

OpenID had been staring at me from Afrigator for a long time... so I decided to try it some time ago.
What is OpenID? OpenID is a central decentralized login system that allows you to use your "OpenID" on a central validation server, to keep you logged in for as long as you choose, when signing-in to any OpenID-enabled sites. Advantages Let's identify the key advantages for a user. It's not very complicated.
  • Why do I use OpenID? One central login system works, just like how Google works with it's username system. I would love to see an OpenID and Google collaboration!
  • What's the difference between using an OpenID to the normal signup procedures? Less spam, no forgotten password scenarios and easier logging in, as opposed to the various security risks I have come across whilst using browsers to store passwords as well as having to lose stored passwords.
Creating an OpenID Create one with any of the various providers that offer OpenID.com's service. Choose from the list at the Wiki. https://www.myopenid.com/ - I use this ! http://www.myid.net/ - Short and easy. http://idproxy.net/ - Lets you use you Yahoo account as an OpenID http://www.jkg.in/openid/ - Generate anonymous OpenID's for free! My OpenID is http://aksn1p3r.myopenid.com/ Affiliate your websites to validate your users and yourself! Site owners can be identity providers that validate users. Delegation is also possible. Read more at the Wiki. Why would I want to use or implement an OpenID? Saves me time! I really hate using tons of logins as compared to just one. Wouldn't your users be happier if a few steps were cut down to just one? User-friendliness is the key to a good gui! Some OpenID-enabled sites I use Afrigator I've noticed that if I experienced login problems, it was because I didn't use the leading http:// in my ID ;) Pibb You can create discussion groups and real-time conversations to interact with any other user with an OpenID who's on the Pibb network. I even embedded a thread in my footer. So is Afrigator the only site with OpenID in South Africa? I really don't know but I wish to see more of our local sociospheres implementing it, instead of just a wordpress or the usual trackable login systems. Blogger in Draft OpenID is already being tested in blogger's commenting system! :D Check out BloggerInDraft and test out your own OpenID. There are a few downsides to it, if you can read the informative comments at that post, you will find out. Get an OpenID and happy blogging!
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