Tuesday, November 13, 2007

RSS Color Icons with 3D Gloss & Reflections

I've recently had a temporary weak spot for the rss icon. Vista has new styles of icons underway so I guess the standardisation of the RSS icon's look might be platform-specific, whilst /meread that IE7 has been using Firefox's design. Vista's will have its icon displaying activities relevant to the feeds. You can choose from some of these enhanced icon-sets to promote your feed in a better flavour of your choice. I personally feel that the look and feel of a page that uses images with some depth and perspective, is more attractive. (along with useful content of course) FeedIcons 50 different colours!
Bittbox Glossy icon-set with and without reflections in 8 colours of the 8 sizes. I'm using this!
Snap2Objects Neat, crisp and tiny "pings". I suggest resizing these flexible icons within your html img tag.
3D Icons are quite pretty as well. There are plenty more creative icons out there which I might cover but these are simply better than the normal orange icon. Here's a method of using pictures in blogspot, just because I do it my way.
First, get a page at GooglePages. Upload your pic. Link it to blogger with this tag:
<img title="This is a visible tooltip" alt="Description, for the blind" src="http://yourname.googlepages.com/pic01.png"/>
Simpler than blogger's default!
You can "hack" your html by adding or modifying the tags to your liking and benefits. It's always useful when positioning and adding more functionality to an element. Checkout w3schools for an in-depth breakdown. I will explain some CSS basics, when i get the time between gaming, to demonstrate how tags can be made even more sexier. *Sorry about the comments invisibility bug that I just encountered, it was a rare bug. I had to double-post!* Happy blogging everyone!