Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Immortal Technique - Volume 1 & 2

Cubans, cocaine, philosophy, controversy, hip-hop. I listened to alot of underground hiphop and I usually liked the beats but some of them just have good lyrics to go with it. JayZ Snoop 2Pac Biggie etc is not hiphop, thats gangster rap and commercialised music. Immortal Technique is notable for being explicit, philosophical, recognising exploitations of 3rd world countries, bringing the heat to industry fakers and world leaders.
Revolutionary Volume 2 is a great album, top of my hiphop list... then theres the radioshow & live performances and a few remixes of a single that says "bush knocked down the towers". I'm not into politics but morally I can differentiate what is right and wrong and draw an opinionated conclusion to it, ie. "No comment" :P I'm still listening to volume 1 but volume 2 is "the shit". Lyrics are controversial and makes sense, just gotta mind the cursing. The beats are classic! Love it! ---------------- Listening to: Immortal Technique - The Point of No Return via FoxyTunes