Monday, November 19, 2007

Dreams IN Motion

Dan Hanosh is a writer/poet/activist. He is the author of "The World Outside My Window" and the recently released, "Sleepless Nights".
I came across Dan's profile, which led me to his inspirational blog-post, where I openly contributed my input of personal goodwill. When it comes to helping others in real need, I try to make a plan. Be it food, clothing or the few rands and cents I have horded, duplicate appliances, Sega MegaDrive, anime... I try! I commented about how I usually have a heap of clothing that I don't use anymore and give away to the needy. Dan has therefore nominated me, as a contributor in the sense of sharing about sharing, to be in line to receive a free copy of "Sleepless Nights". Check out Dan's messages and vote for me at the Dreamers in Motion contest.