Friday, October 5, 2007


*Guess* what I use. I have a 4-port Marconi DSL router that runs on a 384kbps line with a 1GB hardcapped account. My bro has Telkom's black wifi+Ethernet router, its kewl, but Ethernet is still king. Downloading a lot has left me offline by the end of the month! Only in SA!

Anyway, this guy claimed to have a 3gig account... looks like its uncapped to me.

3gb DSL

I've seen softcap accounts around for about 2 years now but I stuck to normal telkom, coming from yebonet --> iafrica --> mweb, enduring 56k (lesser speed than stated), ISDN (64K then 128K) and finally stagnating at 384k dsl, mainly to be able to play CS as it evolved and for keeping up with anime... bout time we get internet for free!

What modem/router do you use, what speed is your line and what type of internet account do you have?