Thursday, October 4, 2007

1st Episode of Heroes Season 2

After the climactic ending that anti-climaxed with Mohinder's subtle voice-over, the long wait for the next season is over, well, in the USA.
I usually get full series off torrents and back in the day I used other trusty p2p methods. Bandwidth in SA is so costly that we even pay for uploads and DSL line rental, WTF!? We can't help but be South African laggers. I don't have DSTV :( Just ADSL :/ I'd watch all the TV series if I could and my preference would be watching an omnibus rather than the week-to-week episodes. If the TV ain't in use, I load up a just-finished torrent on the DivX player via USB flashstick or a full DVD copy of the series, no time to consult tv guides! No time for adverts. Smallville, for me, sucks superman-sized balls! Im dwindling on Prison Break, Season2 began to bore me. A new one is Bionic Woman, why do they keep making these DarkAngel-like lead actresses or are they all Buffy ripoffs. Back to Heroes! Spoiler time! Jus' kiddin', only a small synopsis that's hardly effective against the real viewing pleasure :) There are some new people we meet right at the beginning and some other significants tied in to show us what happens 4 months after Sylar's supposed death. You can get the new releases by EZTV here or here. Time for episode 2!
"I will be more creative and sincere and honest and..." ;)