Monday, August 6, 2007

Harry Potter – Questions Muslims should be asking

Something different today! The following is an extract from the latest newsletter I received from Muslims@work...hmmm!

Is not Harry Potter indicative of a larger deterioration of the moral fabric in man? Why does entertainment and fun draw millions of people and why does worship and spirituality lead to boredom?

Do the Harry Potter books not glorify magic and sorcery? Is the evil of sorcery and magic not being sugar-coated? Why are the non-magical people in the books despised and portrayed as boring and narrow-minded?

Does the Quran and Sunnah not regard the practicing of sorcery as kufr?

Does not Harry and his classmates cast spells, learn to tell the future, communicate with ghosts, study astrology and crystal gazing? Will you as a Muslim parent allow your child to engage in such actions?

Is it acceptable to fight “evil magic” with "good magic", as Harry does? Are not both evil? Don’t the main characters in the story unapologetically lie, steal, bully, break rules and disrespect their elders, like the professors at Hogwarts? Does this not teach children that unruly behaviour is acceptable?

Has not mankind sunk to the lowest ebb when baseless fantasy controls society, considering that the release of every new edition is anxiously awaited by millions of children (and even adults!)?

Can such extreme devotion and fanaticism to a book glorifying the occult be justified?

Are not young minds impressionable? Would it not be a better world if reading material for the young mind promotes morally sound content?

Should we turn a blind eye to the content of the Harry Potter books and allow them to continue controling our childen, our homes and our pockets? Forward your comments to

I really enjoy anime, movies, documentaries and series...some are quite gripping, have very exciting storylines blabla... I really wonder... should I quit watching movies altogether? Well I think it all depends on the mindset of the viewer, reader, listener etc and the content's deviation from Islam. Sometimes we see people get killed in movies, that wouldn't make me go kill a person...but to a fragile mind, seeing such an act is likely to bruise their perception of innocence. Would people really stop having Imaan if they indulge in fantasy imaginary leisures? A guesstimate would have me say that for most people this isn't likely. Another concern of the author was spending on the HP series. Well I like downloading free stuff, and I get it from a Japanese girl named Su Mi I can even probably find Harry Potter typed out by some idiot and torrented. Sorcery and fortune telling are against Islam so would 'watching' Heroes also be the same as performing Isaac Mendez's ability to paint the future and therefore render us blasphemous? *SIGH* So what's up people ?