Saturday, July 14, 2007


The long wait is finally over. The Capcom Play System III AKA CPS-3 has been fully decrypted. I can now play those Street Fighter games that I never got to :)
About 3 or 4 years ago I played SFIII:3rd Strike at Monte Casino but the next time I was there, the arcade games were removed :( Thanks to MAME and roms, I can play it from my PC :D

Only 6 games were made for the CPS3 which you can see here at the System16's Arcade Museum.
Below are the title screenshots of the Street Fighter III series that I have newly acquired.

Taken directly from the CPS3 Emulator.

The new version of MAME, 0.117, should emulate the CPS3 roms, but I had loading problems on the 3 different versions I tried(listed below), so I stuck with the, so-far reliable, CPS3 Emulator v1.0 which can be found at Nebula's Homepage.

There are also various other builds of MAME that provide extra features to the normal mame. Some of the versions are eXTend, Plus! and then you get Kaillera for netplay, meaning, you can play a 2player versus game with another person using Kaillera. Ive tried it long ago and it wasnt too bad. I am yet to try the latest versions' netplay.

Here are some links to the above-mentioned MAME32 builds.
MAME Plus!

Some rom sites that still exist.
ROM World
Rom Hustler