Saturday, July 7, 2007

Blogging with Firefox

Firefox has so many cool features that I'd have to do a separate post to highlight all the features I adore, compared to the other browser.

I came across a real-time blog-post editor add-on for Firefox called ScribeFire. It enables the user to create notes(drafts) and edit them (as I'm currently doing). It also has access to Technorati link stats for the current website Firefox is on and saved favorites.
The down-side of this editor is, font type cannot be changed and it adds a link to the bottom of every post created with it.
The good side is, I can create drafts easier than going through blogger's editor all the time, just one click and you can edit your note, then post it (either publish or draft).

If you haven't already noticed, the normal smilies I used in my first post have all become emoticons! If you feel the urge to emote your blog, head on over to Aditya's 'The Last Word' and get Blogger smilies!
:) :( :D :P :$ ;)

Another nifty emoticon enabler is Greasemonkey 0.7.
Basically, it allows you to customize the way a web page displays using small bits of JavaScript. Greasemonkey requires scripts that include extra tags to certain pages and changes the way a user displays them. The script that I liked immediately is the comment-form buttons! It uses the same smilies from Aditya's blog-post smilies script and also replaces normal tags like Bold, Italic, URL with buttons!

To install, Deepak (the script's author) has provided 4 steps:
1. Install Greasemonkey Extension in your Firefox browser.
2. Click on this link to get your user script.
3. You will get a popup to install the user script, which looks like this:
4. Click Install.

On another note, I created a logo, using The Gimp. I lost my Photoshop CS2 (gave it away i think), so I downloaded this awesome open-source application. All I did was create 2 layers of pictures and a text layer. I then proceeded to, individually, duplicate the layers, flip them vertically and lay them out on a black background. Until my next logo fix!

Blogger templates are so bland! I searched for 3 column layouts, and found the Downright Blogger Theme v3.0, which I customized to fill the entire browser and look the way I want it to. A bit of column resizing made quite a difference in respect to the content layout needed in the sidebars.
Thanks for the idea ZK!

To add a little fun to the site, I've added some widgets from WidgetBox. The Quotes4all box and my favourite, Maukie the Cat. Sadly she is only available in Black, so you wont see her tail. Anything I missed out? (highly likely)

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